Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm Back.......

Well I am imagining that this has to be the longest time between posts for a Mummy Blogger. I think I might be  back for good. Lots has happened in my life over the past 2 years and I felt that I had to deal with it before I put it out for others to read. I also felt I couldn't post "just stuff" when I was feeling so unhappy.
I am ready to share my thoughts now so I will give you a quick update of the past 2 years.
The first thing was my father was suffering from Cancer and sadly passed away in February 2010. I still find this hard to talk about and miss him everyday and the other thing was I was very unhappy with my career. I have taken some time out and I am being a stay at home Mum for a while... although I will need to find some type of job soon.
I am so lucky to have a very supportive husband who at any time soon will be posted to Sydney with his job as a fireman in the NSW Fire Brigades. I am not looking forward to this at all. Being a very career driven person myself I totally understand the need for him to do this   (I just wish it was me)!
My girls are growing up! Octavia will be 8 in 2 weeks and has asked for a ipod touch for her birthday. She loves school and is now in year 2 and has many friends. She plays netball on the weekends and is CRAZY about dancing.... she is very committed to this and lasts year's highlight was her being part of a team that won an Australian title at the All Stars Cheerleading Nationals. I will post some photos over the next few weeks as a catch up.
Piper is 4 now and we laugh at her and with her everyday! We also wish at times we could give her away... She has a wicked sense of humor and is very egocentric. This makes my days very frustrating and funny at the same time. She goes to preschool 2 days per week and also LOVES dancing.
I have many great friends that have been supportive over the past few years, this I am very grateful for.
Two of my good girlfriend friends and I have recently launched a brand of handmade hair and jewellery accessories called 7 lil' girls so this is keeping me busy for the moment.
Now that I have started I feel that I have so much I want to share about my life.... so stayed tuned.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thai Dinner and Dressing Up....

On the 2nd of December Justin and I had been married 8 years!! We were both so busy with work and juggling kids between us that we forgot until the next day. So on the 3rd of December we went to the Thai restaurant for dinner as a family. Octavia is great to take out to dinner very grown up and eager to try different foods. 

Well what can I say about Piper and going out to dinner!!! She just couldn't work out the cushion seats. 

Piper and Lucy having a play in our backyard.

Piper is just getting into dress - ups. She found this in Octavia's collection and decided to dress- up.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Lots to catch up on!! First Dancing...

Here she is at the end of a very long week of practice and concerts although she thinks it is all worth it when you get to bring home the BLING.

This segment is called Ice Palace. The performers were doing classical ballet. Octavia is in this photo somewhere!

Octavia ready for Ice Palace.

All ready to be a Show Pony in The Circus (tap dancing).

Octavia The Buzzy Bee in Bottom of the Garden (jazz ballet).

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Octavia's School for 2009

Octavia is very excited about starting School in 2009. Recentley we had her school interview with the Principal and she also met the Kindergarten teacher. We have received a letter and she has been accepted into the Central Wagga Wagga Catholic School called St Josephs Primary School. Sadly in the early hours of the morning of Australia Day 2008 the school was the target of a arsen attack by a few teenage boys. The school has not been used all year as the site had to be assessed, insurance claims etc. It has now been decided and work started to rebuild on the same site. The school should be finished in about twelve months. Here are a few pictures of the devastation.

The picture below is the house across the road from the burnt out school ,this is currently the school office and the gate to the right leads to the temperary class rooms. The school has done a great job this year with the facilities available. I imagine they are all eager for the school to be rebuilt.

This will be the gate Octavia goes in, her class room is the first one on the left. "She is sooooo excited - she has orientation this Thursady"

Oh Yes we have a Wabbit!!!!

I need to apologise that I have not done a post for ages. "SORRY" Life has been busy and I have been a bit lazy. Well as you can see we have a lovely black loop eared Wabbit called Lucy. Piper just wore us down and we caved. Haha . The girls just love her and she is growing huge as the days go by. They love to feed her beans every day.

Lucy has huge feet "everyone tells us it means that she will be a big rabbit" She will probably be bigger than our dog Millie. Haha

Piper having her first supervised cuddle!!! This is after she crawled into the box of 7 baby rabbits at the Sunday markets when we said she could have one!!!

Poppy Dave arrived from Tasmania for a visit and first job he got was to go buy the girls a rabbit hutch "THANKS POPPY DAVE AND JOYCEY" and then help Justin put it together.

Lucy's new home, all settled in.......

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hair do's, baking, playing and Piper wants a Wrabbit!!!!

Octavia likes her hair curley so we used the Avon twist rollers. It did turn out lovely although I forgot to take a photo that day. Maybe because she was awake at 6am taking them out showing me her hair..Agrrr! That night she also did some baking with Justin a lovely love heart chocolate cake. Mmmm!

Both the girls had haircuts this week. Here is Piper co-operating (it did help the hairdresser gave her a bag of lollies - smart hairdresser)

We have new play equipment at the park in our street, so here they are giving it the once over.

Now, this is all Piper talks about. Her cousin Jake has a rabbit "Fluffy". She loves it and cries when she leaves their house saying "Wrabbit". She has now taken to walking around our house crying saying "Wrabbit". Daddy has nearly..... given in. I bet by next blog we have a WRABBIT!!!!

Daddy's B'day & Father's Day.....

On the 6th of September Justin celebrated his 37th Birthday!

Piper loved the balloons that Octavia blew up for Daddy!!!

The following day was Father's Day and we had a picnic at the park. This is Octavia, Jake (my brother's son) and Piper.

Justin was trying to do some gardening with his helpers!!!!

What are they up to? I don't know!!!